We design websites that are responsive on all your devices.



We build websites.

Do you need a new website? We help you to turn your idea to reality!

By using the newest technology, solid frameworks and many years of experience, we create stylish and functional websites.

Today many people want to be able to edit their own website. By using tools like WordPress we make it easy for you to be able to edit parts of your site by yourself!

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Smart websites, easy to administrate.

Top-class workflow

This is how we work


We can either code websites from scratch in several technologies or use tools such as wordpress. The vast majority of our customers use wordpress today, as it is easy to manage on your own. 

Tailored design

We tailor your design.
Our designers can either design the app for you or we can use a design you want. With the help of softwares like Figma, we can simultaneously watch and work on the same prototype.

Email and domains

We are happy to help you set up and manage your domains and the Email accounts linked to your domain. We have domain providers that we recommend, but the vast majority of works well.

Project management

Over the years, we have learned to use the most effective methods of project management in the market. With efficient programming and efficient processes, we deliver the highest quality in fewer hours than our competitors.

Integrations and plugins

A website is complete through good integrations from third parties. We have worked a lot with integrations and we can arrange most things in the area.

Testing, utrulling og SEO

Når nettsiden er ferdigbyggd så begynner testingen. Når fasen er ferdig søkoptimeres siden opp mot søkemotorer så du kan få gode søkeresultat på Google. Siden rulles deretter ut live.

Oppdateringer og forandringer

Selv om det er enkelt med å administrere i wordpress så kan vi bistå med oppdateringer og forandringer til din nettside. Teamet vårt har lang erfaring og utfører endringer raskt og enkelt.


Når nettsiden er ferdig utfører vi alltid en opplæring på hvordan man administrerer den selv. Vi tilbyr også support som ekstratjeneste till alle som ønsker en mer tidsbesparende og enklere løsning.

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