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We create innovation events, have talks, give you the right technical recommendations and much more!

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We sell more than software.

We have experts in several areas. Among other things, we have arranged several innovation events and Hackathons. We have had successful workshops and created several unique concepts. We have had several talks and workshops within technology and innovation. As well as recommended both hardware, software and technical solutions for several customers.

Other services

This is what we offer

Hackathons and Ideathons

Do you want to let the users create the concept for you? User-driven innovation is growing in the market and several large companies today choose to have Hackathons and Innovation Events to let users create the solution. We have several successful events in our portfolio and we can therefore create the ultimate weekend for you and your company.

Idea and concept development

Sometimes you need help from an expert when building on an idea or a concept. We have helped to create several successful ideas and concepts for ourselves and our customers. Even won prizes for good concept at Hackathons. We can give you advice, provide input and come up with a strategy on how you can realize your idea. 

Recommendations and advice

In today's market, there are tons of different software and hardware you can use. There are also many difficult technical decisions. We and our network help you make the right decisions when it comes to this. We set up one or more meetings where we give you advice and recommendations that are suited to your company

Foredrag og Workshops

Vi har holt i flere foredrag og workshops når det kommer til innovasjon og entreprenørskap, teknologi og idéutvikling. Vi har to foredragsholdere som kan holde et skreddersydd foredrag for din organisasjon. Vi håller også i idé, design og tekniske workshops som kan hjelpe deg eller din bedrift å få kunnskap og skape dem beste løsningene.

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