We design your prototype and concept, or improve your current design.



We design your idea.

Do you need a prototype? Design suggestions or a design pack?

We have extensive experience in designing software. We always start with an idea presentation and a workshop, where ideas are discussed and with a concept as the end result. Further in the process, we create a design based on the concept in the program Figma. When the concept is drawn up, we look at the design proposal together, get feedback and correct it. When everything is finished, we arrange an estimate and a delivery proposal to develop the idea.

Designed by rada labs

We design software.

Our designers and frontend developers help you design what you need for your app or website. At Rada Labs, we focus on usability, simplicity and user experience. With this focus and with our long experience, we can deliver the best products with cost efficiency in focus.

From idea to development

This is how it works

Idea presentation and workshop

We always start with a workshop where we go through and discuss ideas. We look at costs, feasibility of the idea and user experience. The result of the workshop will be a created concept.


We go further with the concept and start building the design in softwares such as Figma, Adobe XD or Sketch. We keep in touch and discuss the design so you´ll get the best solution. When the design is complete, we will send you a link that can be used as a simple prototype.


Once you have received the link with the prototype, you can choose to test the software internally or externally in the form of user testing. Here you can gather feedback to be able to improve the concept that has been created. We then sort out any changes.


Delivery and estimation

When everything is done, you will have a design package that developers can immediately start working on. We then estimate the hours and come up with a delivery date for the solution. The development can then start.

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