About us

We develop and turn ideas to reality. 

Rada Labs is made up of creative people who love to develop high quality products and services. With a focus on innovation, we develop our own brands within the app market and develop applications for our customers. We build apps for smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and computers.

By using the latest technology within programming, cloud services, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we create smart applications that take your digital life to the next level.

Our story

We started because we wanted to be creative and innovate

It all started with an idea, an idea to simplify job search. The founders of
Rada Labs, Rasmus Tyrén and Dan Trygve Olsrød had for a long time wanted to innovate the job search process, after many hours of idea development, the app idea "Joober" was created. The concept was later presented during a hackathon where the team won an innovation award from NAV. Joober was then taken on to the technology incubator Silicia where they continued working on the concept. However, the team felt that they wanted to gather several appideas under the same company, and Rada Labs AS was thus founded.

After this, Rada Labs has continued to work and experienced a great growth, where the company has met the Norwegian royal family, participated in several successful hackathons and collaborated with some of the world's largest IT companies.

Rada Labs now has an office at the innovation park outside the University of South-Eastern Norway in Vestfold, where the company builds several different applications and assists with consulting services for companies.

Simplicity, Creativity, Quality, and Sustainability

Powered by Rada Labs

We always work towards our four core values: Simplicity, Creativity, Quality, and Sustainability.
With us, the corporate culture is about being creative and innovative, we have a flat structure in the company where all our employees are involved in influencing the services we create. We place high demands on quality for all our products and services. Everything with us is quality assured through several parts of the company, as well as through user testing. All our products are developed from the user's perspective, where simplicity is the key word, everything we make must be clean and easy to use. Our third core value is social responsibility, here we make sure to deliver our services from environmentally friendly server parks, build applications with a focus on a responsibility in finance, environment and social responsibility.

Simplicity, Creativity, Quality, and Sustainability

Powered by Rada Labs


This is Rada Labs

Bilde av Rasmus Tyrén CEO og founder

Rasmus Tyrén

CEO & Founder

Bilde av Dan Olsrød CTO og founder

Dan Olsrød

CTO & Founder

Stian Vaage

Stian Vaage

Project leader & Frontend Lead Developer

John Martin Dahl Kaalsaas

John Martin Kaalaas Dahl

Senior Fullstack Developer & Advisor

Espen Lien Pedersen

Espen Lien Pedersen


Bjørn Sveia

Bjørn Sveia

Junior Developer

Jan Thomas

Viktor Ormestad Larsen

Junior Developer


Jonas Winston Johansen

Junior Developer



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